Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Different Types Of Auto Detailing

As a customer, auto detailing offers you many different options and quite frankly that can be rather confusing at times. I am going to try and simplify some of the different options, which may help you choose the service that best fits your needs. I will do this series in a few blog posts so I hope you enjoy. 

Maintenance Detailing

This is the most overlooked detailing service and probably offers the most value to the customer. Customers tend to only call detailers when their car has massively damaged paint or their carpets are so dirty they can't remember the original color. 

Some simple things done in a maintenance detail are as follows:

  • Cleaning Paint-Proper methods are very deliberate and include up to as many as 20 steps to do properly. Spray sealant is used to add protection to your paint with every cleaning. 
  • Deep Wheel Cleaning (especially the inner wheel which can get burned on brake dust)
  • Cleaning Leather/Cloth Seats (usually any quality product used on these surfaces leaves a layer of protection behind)
  • Carpet Cleaning Thorough vacuum and follow by scrubbing with a carpet cleaner (keeping carpets continuously clean ensures they will look like new the entire life of the car) 
  • Touch Screens-Now becoming the most easily damaged part of the interior and if not cared for properly can be damaged permanently
  • Vents/Buttons-Using a soft bristle brush to eliminate dirt and debris from these areas will literally leave them perfect the entire life of the car. 
The obvious next question is, how often should I get this type of detail? We generally have 2 types of clients when it comes to this type of maintenance. Some of our clients want their cars cared for every single week and some are content with a bi-weekly service. This service far exceeds a basic car wash which really does very little positive for your car and it should be looked at much differently. 

We find that most people that try this service get addicted to the results and never stop or cancel service. Caring for your car can be confusing but just like most things we purchase in our life they take a little maintenance. 

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