Friday, November 16, 2018

Lets Talk About Protection

Most surfaces on a car can and should have protection. Paint, leather, plastic, rubber trim, and carpet just to name a few different surfaces that should wear some type of protection. Here is the scary thing that we see most often when meeting with new customers, NOTHING is protected. Many customers believe that only expensive cars need to be protected which is just not true. 

In this post, we are just going to talk about a few different options to protect your car's paint. We will tackle the other surfaces at a later date. 

Car Wax (Carnauba)

Carnauba based car wax is a natural product that offers very little long-term protection. These products are largely outdated and should not be used by most people simply because they will wear off very quickly compared to modern products. If you are looking for a little extra shine before you go to a car show this is a terrific product to have in your arsenal. 

Protection time: Depending on car usage most people will see less than a few weeks of real protection. 

Synthetic Paint Sealants

In my opinion, this is the no-brainer choice for most clients. These products are formulated in a lab using synthetic ingredients that are meant to stand up to tough elements. Sealants do a really nice job protecting your car from elements such as the sun, bird droppings, etc...  In my opinion, sealants are the best bang for the buck for any customer thinking of protecting and caring for their car. 

Protection Time: Sealants can easily last 6 months if the car is cleaned properly on a regular schedule. If the car is neglected then customers can expect about 3-4 months of protection. 

Ceramic/Glass Coatings

Ceramic coatings are a semi-permanent solution for your car paint. These products shoud always be put on by a professional and there are lots of preparation steps that must be completed before application. I believe these are a terrific solution for SOME customers who truly love their car. One important reality when you have a ceramic coated car, no more trips to the cheap car wash as it will ruin the coating. 

Protection Time: This varies strictly by how the coating is cared for on a weekly or monthly basis. These products will need continuous care to remain effective. We have had coatings last anywhere from a year to 5 years it just depends on some outside factors.

Paint Protection Film/PPF/Clear Bra 

PPF is a clear film that is put on the car to protect it from the elements. These products should only be put on by a professional and have A LOT of preparation steps before applying the film. PPF is by far the most expensive out of all the options we have talked about today. This is a great solution if you want your car paint protected from things such as rock chips but is a really large financial investment. 

Protection Time: This depends since a lot of PPF cars hit the race track. We have had our film last for years on end with no problem but again it is going to come down to how you maintain and drive the vehicle. 

I hope this quick overview will help clear up any confusion there may be around this issue. I see far too many cars that have no protection on the paint and I know damage is not far behind at that point. If you have any questions or if I can help in any way don't hesitate to email me at


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